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Making Space for Love

A free workshop on Sept. 12


with Your Love Adventure founders, Evin & Alex 

Any of this sound familiar?

  • I’m just too busy to date!

  • I'm focused on other things right now

  • I’m traveling too much to meet someone

  • I keep attracting unavailable people, it’s not my fault!

  • When things slow down at work I’ll make dating a priority

  • My life is so full already; I want a partner, but there’s no time or space in my life!

And yet, deep down you really want to share your full, beautiful life with someone…

So why does love keep getting put on the back burner?

Evin Rose & Alex Terranova, the creators of the wildly successful 
Your Love Adventure program

Invite you to a FREE Live Workshop! Get ready to show up for the love you want, and to release your favorite excuses & unblock yourself from a thriving dating life. In this interactive 90-minute workshop, we’ll explore why we avoid dating or fully letting people in, and how to bring new, inspired intention to your love life. You’ll leave feeling energized and ready to make space for the love you want! You’ll also get a super special invitation to powerfully prioritize love in our upcoming YLA group program!

Upcoming live workshop:

  • Monday 9/12 at 5pm pst / 8pm est


In this interactive workshop we'll dive into:


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"I joined Your Love Adventure because my life was full in many ways, but my deepest desire involved finding love & partnership.

My dating life at the time felt stale and monotonous, and I didn't want to stay in that same energy, creating the same lackluster results. I also felt that I wasn’t portraying my most radiant, playful and authentic self in my dating interactions, and I knew there were other patterns getting in my way that I was ready to tackle. I go after other areas in my life with gumption & purpose, why couldn’t I do the same for my love life!?


I honestly feel completely transformed after completing YLA, and my heart is so full!

It is honestly the experience of a lifetime!  It is invaluable.

I’m now confident and empowered in dating, and I have the tools to stay present and true to myself, express my desires, embrace my vulnerability, and create the deep connection, intimacy, and the FUN that I had been craving in my dating life! ​

​I am so happy that all of the previous events in my dating life brought me to the place where I enrolled in YLA; I can't recommend this program enough!"

-Rebecca, Senior Fabric Designer - Los Angeles

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