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Everyone Has A Story...


Each chapter of my story begins with my sunny California disposition. 


I search for beauty and magic in everyday moments, and can usually be found with my nose in a book, a cocktail in my hand, or my feet on the dance floor.

Hey! I'm Rebecca Sales. I'm a 29 year old playful, creative, conversational wizard who relishes deep connection and getting outside of my comfort zone. I have an insatiable curiosity for life, and an eclectic range of hobbies from learning Italian to kickboxing & muay thai, anything to do with the arts, creativity, food, nature, or music... I’m there! I strive to create inclusion and bring genuine warmth and authenticity to all of my interactions, and never turn down a social invite.​


My passion and delight for textiles, color, and mixing the old with the new has guided me to a successful fashion career, and to redesign my quirky vintage LA apartment (which, fun fact, got me featured in Apartment Therapy!)

Some people talk about what they want and even more just dream about it… But with my sense of adventure, my spontaneous soul, my open heart, and my curious, creative mind, I go after what I want! 

So when I heard about Your Love Adventure, created by a couple who met in a totally unconventional way, I jumped on the opportunity to create my very own Dating Adventure. A redesign of dating.. Yes, Please!

Want To Join Me On A California Coast Adventure?!

I’m over the apps! The endless swiping, surface level interactions, hit and miss connections..  Can you relate? And waiting around, hoping to randomly bump into the outgoing, curious, witty and adventurous man of my dreams just isn’t my style.


I’m looking for something meaningful, enriching, and electric– so I’m trying something totally different…


I’ve planned a week-long trip down the Northern California coast for two, and I’m putting myself out there to find a brave, curious, and open-hearted man to join me!


Can you picture yourself being spontaneous, bold, and open-hearted enough to connect with a total stranger (for now!), get to know each other deeply yet briefly before heading out on an adventurous getaway together?


Does creating a real connection, getting outside of our comfort zones, and laughing a lot while leaning into the possibility of love excite you?


If so, this might be exactly the awe-inspiring experience we’re both looking for.


This Could Make One Hell Of A Story


I created my Dating Adventure because I want to share an invigorating, expansive, cozy, and tranquil getaway with someone incredible, and to explore the depths of intentional connection.  Why waste so much energy getting to know people only on the surface; let's actually get to know each other and see what’s possible!

On my Coastal California adventure, we'll drive the winding ocean-side roads, explore the outdoors, hazy beaches and lush green forests, hike and kayak, discover new music, share stories, enjoy cocktails, delicious food, late night stargazing, and whatever else brings joy in the moment!


Maybe we’re the person of one another’s dreams, or maybe we'll both laugh about how our story unfolded later! Regardless of how this turns out, I'm here for the adventure.

Besides, who says we don’t meet like this?!

Let's Talk Logistics

A few requirements for my adventure partner:

  • Must be available Friday, June 3rd- Saturday, June 11th

  • Responsible for getting yourself to San Francisco, after which accommodations in Point Reyes, Big Sur, and stops along the way are on me

  • Have a valid driver’s license, COVD Vaccine pass + booster

  • Must look forward to disconnecting from our phones, with a spirit to embrace the fun, adventure and spontaneity of this experience, and hopefully like oysters!

  • If you are afraid of heights, winding roads, or not into nature, hiking, or getting offline, this might not be for you :)

FYI: If you’re chosen as my “match,” you are not under any obligation to join me on the trip, nor am I obligated to take you. We’ll explore our connection first, with the hope that we’re both a YES to going on this adventure together!

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Here's The Twist


I won’t be choosing the winning man all by myself.. a few of my closest friends will be involved in the process and will actually help me choose! 


Our friends know us, they love us, and they want the best for us. Sometimes they can even see who might be an incredible fit for us better than we can, so why not let them in on the fun?


My “Team” of friends will check out the applications, connect on a call or zoom with anyone who they think could be a fit, and, if we get to the next phase, I’d love for you to find a friend, colleague, or family member or two to scout me out and see if they think I’d be a fit for you!


Don’t worry, we’ll get to connect personally, too, before we decide if we’re hopping into a car and off into the Calfornia coastal sunset together :)

Ready To Reimagine Dating With Me?

Applications are  now closed.  


For more information or to learn when our next cohort begins please follow us on Instagram or fill out the questionnaire on our home page.

Any other questions email

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