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I’m ready to co-author a remarkable love story.
Who’s with me?


Maybe you know of a great guy looking for love. I hope you’ll send him this page. Or maybe that great guy is you! Read on to get to know me and what I have planned…

Hi, I’m Marissa Fernandez. I’m excited to meet you!


I'm a compassionate, fun-loving, active, glass-half-full woman. I’m drawn to the excitement of new experiences, whether traveling somewhere new, trying a new fitness class, or checking out local Brooklyn restaurants and coffee shops. I laugh often, love to learn (always reading at least one book), and find joy in the little things.


Amidst the global pandemic, I followed my passion to start my business as an Executive Coach. I feel so proud and deeply rewarded to help my clients create the lives of their dreams. I LOVE what I do, especially the flexibility I’ve created for living on my terms.


Family is super important to me, especially my role as "Tia" to the world’s cutest nephew. My friends would tell you I’m generous, warm, thoughtful, smart, and funny! Few things are better than making someone laugh.


I live my life with intention, setting big goals and enjoying the process of getting there. Now, I’m ready to bring that bold spirit into my love life. This Dating Adventure is about exploring connection, fun, and trying something new. And who knows? Maybe I’ll find a life-long partner who shares my desire to explore the world, chase dreams, create a family, and have a whole lot of fun along the way.

To Catch You Up...

At 38 years old, I’ve found my life to be full of abundance and happiness in many ways. I've approached most areas of my life -- like my career, friendships, family, and personal growth -- with boldness, confidence, and consistency. But, my dating life took a back seat. Trying to meet men on dating apps, especially during COVID, felt like a drag.

I want love AND a different way to find it.

My desire and energy to meet someone incredible has been reinvigorated since joining Your Love Adventure. I’m more ready than ever to meet my match, and to approach dating with the same open-heartedness, commitment, and courage that have led me to reach amazing outcomes in other areas of my life. No more holding back! 

My parents came from very different backgrounds (my mom, a white Jewish girl from Long Island, and my dad, a Manhattan-born son of Cuban immigrants) which encouraged my open-mindedness from a young age. I love that this journey is so unique, in that it allows us to skip the fluff (how refreshing!), and see if we have authentic connection and compatibility. I'm seeking a partner whose values and vision for what he truly desires is aligned with my own, because in my heart, that’s what matters most.

d+l wedding2.jpg

Let's get away to Santa Fe!


Instead of dating for months before planning a dream trip together, what if we flipped the script?


I’ve planned an amazing 5 day/4 night adventure for two to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We'll hike and enjoy nature, get our "zen" on at a luxurious spa, explore the art and culture scene around Canyon Road, experience the nightlife with a cocktail or two, and chow down on delicious food (from award-winning restaurants to hole-in-the-wall jaunts).

I’ve visited many fabulous destinations in the US and around the world, but I’ve been waiting for just the right person to join me in checking Santa Fe off my bucket list. Maybe that is you!

This trip is designed to help us push out of our comfort zones while having the chance to grow more comfortable with each other. A dynamic trip with a good mix of active adventuring, time to relax and connect, and plenty of room for spontaneity.


Can you keep up with me? Or, better yet, can we find our rhythm and explore hand in hand?


While FUN is a given, I’m looking for a man who is kind and loving, who craves genuine connection, who wants to explore life and each other. Someone who’s committed to growth, challenges themselves, has their own ambitions, and wants to encourage mine. A man who is quick with a smile and creates joy for himself and those around him, and doesn’t take life for granted.

Sound like you? Keep reading…

Your need-to-know info

There are a few key details + requirements for my adventure partner:


  • Must be up for a 4 night/5 day Santa Fe, New Mexico getaway from Thursday June 9 - Monday June 13.

  • Responsible for getting yourself to Santa Fe, or meeting up with me in NYC to travel together. The rest of the trip is on me!

  • Please have a valid Driver’s License + COVID vaccine card

  • Must (in the future of course, I’m not rushing) want marriage & children

  • If you smoke, don’t enjoy being active, or are against socially progressive issues (like LGBTQ rights, BLM), we likely aren’t a great match


FYI: If you’re chosen as my “match,” you are not under any obligation to join me on the trip, nor am I obligated to take you. We’ll explore our connection first, with the hope that we’re both a YES to going on this adventure together!


I'll get by with a little help from my friends

Laughter Photo.jpg

There’s a twist: I won’t be choosing the winning man all by myself. I’ve enrolled a few of my closest friends to be involved in the process and help me choose!


Our friends know us, they love us, and they want the best for us. Sometimes they can even see who might be an incredible fit for us better than we can. Why not let them in on the fun?


My team of friends will check out the applications and connect on a call or zoom with those they think could be a great fit. If we get to the next phase, I’d love for you to recruit a friend or family member or two to chat with me and see if they think I’d be a fit for you!


Don’t worry, you and I will get to connect personally, too, before we decide if we’re heading out on this dreamy Santa Fe adventure together.

Want to adventure with me?

IMG_9906 (1).jpg

Applications are  now closed.  


For more information or to learn when our next cohort begins please follow us on Instagram or fill out the questionnaire on our home page.

Any other questions email

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