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I'm not your average lawyer...

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I’m a badass defense attorney, but that’s just one side of me.


Spot me at a music festival and you’ll see a completely different facet of my personality.


Hi, I’m Diana! I’m so much more than my attorney or music festival personas; I’m a 32 year old deep and thoughtful, silly and fun, healthy and active, dependable and loyal San Diego girl. I absolutely love my friends, my job, being outdoors, live music, curling up with a good book and making any occasion feel festive. 


My life is full and beautiful, but there’s just *one* thing missing that I’m so ready for… 


Like me, the man I’m looking for has many unique qualities that don’t fit into just one box. Are you kind and caring, dependable, intelligent, driven, and open-hearted? A mix of introvert-extrovert who’s happy to spend a cozy Friday night in, and who can let loose at a show with me now and then?


If so, I might just be the one thing that’s missing from your life, too :) 

I think we've forgotten how to date...

How did people even date before the apps? What did we even use our thumbs for?? We live in a fast paced world of quick swipes and even quicker judgments, I’m guilty of it, too!...


…But I know we can find a way to bring back the fun, the romance, the courting that can lead us to real connection. It’s time to stop settling for the swiping status quo, and find someone we could truly have it all with.


I want us to have the most fun together, no matter what we’re doing

To be endlessly supportive of each other, while challenging each other to grow

To build a secure and trusting relationship that lets us both feel free


Are you an authentic, playful, yet responsible man whose mind and soul is open to spirituality, generosity, and deep exploration? Who can also let go, dress up, and dance our night away at a music festival? 


Because who says we can’t have it all!


When I heard about Your Love Adventure, I felt it calling to me to stretch my comfort zone, and mix up what had become boring about traditional dating. I said YES to creating my own Dating Adventure because I know what I want, and I’m looking for a man who does, too. 


Are you brave enough to jump in and go on this adventure with me?!

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My Palm Springs Adventure

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Let’s set our busy lives down and escape to the desert for sun, play, romance and whatever our hearts desire!


I’ve planned a Palm Springs paradise getaway for two, and I can’t wait to see if you’re the man who’s meant to join me :)


Our 3-day getaway will be filled with desert sunsets and refreshing cocktails while we relax by the pool, share a hike or swim, and maybe we let go and dance one night away at a show.


Imagine getting to know each other like this… makes the apps seem pretty dry and lifeless, huh?


Are you a gentleman who knows how to play?

An intelligent man who can make me laugh?

Someone with goals and dreams who can still let loose and have fun, whose heart is as open as his mind?


We could have the best time together in Palm Springs, and it might just change our lives forever…

The need-to-know info

There are just a few key details + requirements for my adventure partner:


  • Must be available July 22nd-25th for this 3-night Palm Springs getaway

  • Able to get yourself to southern California; if you’re near San Diego we can drive out together

  • Please have a valid Driver’s License

  • Just as willing to be active with a hike or a swim as to relax by the pool

  • Allergic to live music or a good time, need not apply ;)


PS: If you’re chosen as my “match,” you are not under any obligation to join me on the trip, nor am I obligated to take you. We’ll explore our connection first, with the hope that we’re both a YES to going on this adventure together!

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Here's the twist...

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I won’t be choosing the winning man all by myself.. a few of my closest friends will be involved in the process and will actually help me choose! 


Our friends know us, they love us, and they want the best for us. Sometimes they can even see who might be an incredible fit for us better than we can, so why not let them in on the fun?


My “Team” of friends will check out the applications, connect on a call or zoom with anyone who they think could be a fit, and, if we get to the next phase, I’d love for you to find a friend, colleague, or family member or two to scout me out and see if they think I’d be a fit for you!


Don’t worry, we’ll get to connect personally, too, before we decide if we’re heading out into the Palm Springs sunset together :)

Ready to Adventure with me?

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Applications are  now closed.  


For more information or to learn when our next cohort begins please follow us on Instagram or fill out the questionnaire on our home page.

Any other questions email

Are You Ready for 
Your Love Adventure™️?!

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