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Two heart-centered Coaches learned through experience that we can wait for love, or we can embark on an adventure to co-create it with The Universe

If you’re like us before we found each other through a *unique* dating adventure (more on that in a minute!), you’re probably craving deeper, more authentic connection than our swiping-culture tends to provide.


You’re over the games, the superficial conversations, and weeding through alllll the people who aren’t actually ready for something real. You’re also ready to breakthrough any of your own patterns that are holding you back from what you want the most…


You desire the kind of love that makes you feel ALIVE, the excitement of connecting with someone who can meet you on every level, that inexplicable feeling of “home” when you’re with your Person…


We get it– really. Not only are we both coaches who have devoted a combined 12-years to helping our clients create whatever they deeply desire in their lives (including supporting many singles in finding love and beginning incredible lives together!), but we were exactly where you are not too long ago.



Let’s rewind to the Summer of 2021…

Alex's Story

Business & Life Performance Coach, author,  podcast host, dog-dad to Cali


I found myself in a bar with my cousin Brittany, talking about all the false starts, failed relationships, and silly dating choices I’d made over the years.


Dating had always felt like a game for me; it was fun (until it wasn’t), but the relationships never worked out. At 39, I was over it: the apps, the shallow connections, the endless first dates, the inauthenticity of modern dating.. Ugh, I was over it all!


I was really clear that I was ready to meet someone different, someone who was truly right for me, someone I could create a life with. I was ready to find my person!


I also realized that I was the common denominator in all of my dating experiences and I didn’t want to repeat my same patterns, so I knew something had to change in order for me to find the love that I wanted. But what could that change look like?

My cousin and I joked that maybe SHE should choose a woman for me to date— and to join me on the 12-day trip for 2 to Tulum, Mexico that I had already booked for that Fall. Within days, a few other friends wanted to join in on supporting me in finding love, and together we created and launched the “Tulum Dating Adventure Experiment”…

Evin's Story

Women's Self Love & Dating Coach, retreat host, cat-mom to Tucker


I was so ready to call in my life partner, but I felt bored and uninspired by the apps, the routine first dates, the lackluster process of it all…


I thought about the coaching work I do with my clients; I’ve supported countless women over the years in finding love and creating incredible partnerships, and I knew it was my turn. I could feel it in my bones!


I imagined how I wanted my future relationship to FEEL: alive, playful, expansive… like an adventure. “Wait,” I thought to myself, “I know how manifestation works! I need to infuse those same qualities into my dating life right now, and let fun and adventure guide me to my man!” 


I set a powerful intention then and there to mix things up in my dating life, to connect with people in adventurous ways that made me feel ALIVE, and to truly enjoy the journey to my dream partner.

Soon after, I heard about the “Tulum Dating Adventure Experiment” that this dude Alex had created, and I felt a jolt of electricity in my body. It seemed crazy and unlike anything I’d ever tried… How could I not sign up?!

Two Love Journeys
become One

This unique Dating Adventure worked for us to connect, fall in love, and create the foundation for a thriving relationship because it called for:


  • Intention, clarity + boldly owning what we were looking for

  • Bravely putting ourselves out there & stretching our comfort zones

  • Authenticity & Vulnerability that’s missing from most modern dating

  • Deep communication and emotional connection first

  • Support from our friends and communities

  • FUN, adventure, and playfulness!


As heart-centered Coaches who are committed to making a difference in people’s lives, we just can’t keep this magic to ourselves! That’s why we're co-creating something big, something we’re beyond excited about for YOU…. 

Your Love Adventure™️...! 


Your Love Adventure™️...! 


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Client Love:

Brooke S.jpg

"I’m so grateful that I went all in on my commitment to myself and to creating the healthy, loving relationship I always dreamed about by investing in Evin’s program.


I gained a whole new perspective on my relationship history which allowed me to fully release the past, and to feel empowered to create a new, better chapter in my love life. I also got so clear on what I need and deserve in a partner, and I was able to stop investing in the wrong people and break through my self-sabotaging patterns so that I could truly open my heart to receive the man who is now my incredible husband!


Our partnership is so loving and supportive, and filled with open communication and vulnerability that allows us to connect deeply, all of which I learned through my work with Evin. I’m just unbelievably happy, and cannot overstate what a gift it is to give yourself guidance and support on your love life journey!"


"The work that I’ve done with Alex has tremendously supported my relationships with past lovers, as well as currently dating. Alex has helped me recognize that when two people are arguing, they are not on opposing sides, but actually we are on the same team! 


Alex has really helped me get out of my own way and show up as the person I am, so the person I’m meant to be with can show up. I used to have so many blind spots when it came to dating / women / feelings / emotions, but Alex has guided and helped me navigate relationships and growth. <3”


Jess L.jpg

"I’ve wanted big love and a partner to share my life with for so long, but dating felt really overwhelming, stressful, anxiety-producing, and I was just not excited about it! After years of playing out the same pattern, I also didn't trust myself and my feelings about guys. 


Going through Evin’s program transformed ALL of that! I learned to show up authentically and bravely, dating actually became exciting and fun, and the connections I was able to create were so much deeper and more aligned than ever. I couldn’t believe how much shifted for me in just three months of coaching, and how confident I felt for the first time that I was on my path to the love I wanted!


I didn’t know I could fall so deeply in love, or that it would get to feel this good!"


San Francisco



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